This was a negotiated project with my Adobe mentor Todd Anderson.  I came up with a few ideas for a conceptual image and we agreed to go down the root of creating something that focused on the environment.

My initial concept included a lot of detail which I had to scale back as I started to develop and refine ideas.  The main constraint was available space as I was working with a 1:6 scale model made from foamcore and wood. 

Conceptually I wanted to create something that touched on real world issues, namely global warming.  As a species we're well aware of the impact that our consumerism is having on the planet, which in turn is causing sea levels to rise.  If swift and major changes were made to the way we use and consume our planet's resources the inevitable outcome could be avoided.

The final image shows a running tap which is flooding the room.  Eventually the room will be completely filled and ultimately will be the demise of those that are in it.  The irony is that the man could easily walk over and turn off the tap and stop the flooding. However he's more interested in his phone and drinking his tea.  It's my attempt at highlighting how similar things are happening right now on a global scale.  We can see global warming happening, we know it's happening, yet we don't do enough collectively to prevent it.  In a similar vein, we are no different to the man in the room, consciously aware of what is happening around us and not doing anything or enough about it.  

Around 480 lollipop sticks were used to create the floor.
Some handy props to help weight down the foamcore.
Concrete mix set in a foamcore template.
Walls painted with a grey matt paint
Multiple shots taken and composited together to render entire scene in sharp focus (stack focus).
Finished edit.
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